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MGM Community

We Want To Create The Biggest Guitar Learning Community of India through different social media platforms 

My Guitar Methods:- 

One Stop for guitar learning.  Our aim is to be the one-stop guitar learning solution whether it is a question about purchasing an instrument or learning a song or maybe you want to be a professional we got you covered. We are providing the notes and tabs for various songs and technical topics that we have covered on Youtube. Soon we will be coming with our blogs to help you more.

Through our channel, we want to structurize and revolutionize the guitar learning experience in India. Our videos aim to deliver a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of a song with its musical theory so you don't just learn a song but also learn some technical aspects of music as well. Watch our videos and let us know how we are doing. 


We have started a Telegram group with this view of a "customer helpline" for guitar learning. We want to connect directly with our audience to know and resolve their issues with guitar lessons. Join this community

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