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Passionate About Bringing the best Musician in you!


Passionate About Bringing the best Musician in you!

Being a musician was never a plan for me. I started to learn from my cousin's wasted guitar just to pass time after my 12th Boards exams.

But once I started, I hooked on to it. The feeling of creating music out of a wooden body was not comparable.

Though I kept my studies and Company Secretary mainstream, the guitar was always with me. But there were a lot of questions I was bothered about regarding my musical knowledge. I never got my answers.

I spent hundreds of hours on YouTube but never got satisfied. But then I came across the fact that you can study music like a subject but couldn't find a place where I could inhale this knowledge.

Being from a middle-class family professional music studies was never an option. I even purchased my first guitar after
one year of savings from my insufficient tuition teaching earnings. So my last resort was books and some senior guitar
players I used to know.

I worked hard and studied even harder. I started teaching back in 2010 and it helped a lot in making me a better musician.
My teaching Journey..... well let's keep this story for another day.

You can read more about my course "I can be a Guitarist." 

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